Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

The Center for Restorative Medicine plans to keep our office open during regular office hours (8am-5pm) for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic providing essential care and assistance to our patients. The only reason we would close would be if we were instructed to do so by a governmental agency. In accordance with the Tennessee Department of Health guidelines, we are asking any of our patients who have symptoms of acute illness to contact our office for a nursing assessment before coming into the office.

The best way to minimize the likelihood of contracting Coronavirus or any other infection, is to minimize exposure and optimize your immune function. To accomplish that goal, patients can login to the Resource Room and see Dr. Bernui recommendations.

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Michael R. Bernui, D.O.
Michael R. Bernui, D.O.

The Center for Restorative Medicine can help you find lasting relief from the physical, emotional, and mental discomfort caused by challenging medical problems. Under the direction of Michael R. Bernui, D.O, a board certified family practice physician, The Center for Restorative Medicine helps you reclaim, maintain, and prolong real wellness.

Treating the Toughest Medical Problems

Dr. Bernui has spent the last two decades helping adults and children find relief from the physical, emotional, and mental distress caused by migraines, autism, Lyme disease, IBS, autoimmune diseases, infertility, obesity, ADD/ADHD, allergies, neurodegenerative diseases, and many other difficult-to-treat conditions. Click here to find out if Dr. Bernui may be able help you.

Offering More Treatment Options

Conventional medicine doesn't always have all the answers. That's why Dr. Bernui includes both conventional and alternative therapies in most patient treatment plans. All therapies are delivered under the supervision of Middle Tennessee's most experienced, respected, and trusted holistic health expert. Click here to learn more about Dr. Bernui.

Developing a Lifestyle Partnership Dedicated to You

Dr. Bernui has designed every detail of his practice to support you on your journey to good health. As you enjoy the highest quality treatments delivered in a relaxing environment by a skilled and compassionate staff, you will find yourself inspired--and empowered--to take an active role in the restoration of real wellness. Click here to find out what to expect.

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