Are You Ready?

Replace Despair with Hope Today

No matter what condition you're facing, we believe there is hope for you. Though we can't guarantee a cure, we can help you achieve the best possible wellness - and quality of life.

Are you ready for hope again? Here's how to tell.

  • You're tired of living with the physical distress caused by your chronic illness or by symptoms of unknown origin.

  • You're tired of the emotional distress that comes from worrying about what baffling, unexplained symptoms might mean.

  • You're tired of the experience of trying to get better, including the quest from doctor to doctor to find someone who understands and can treat your condition, dealing with healthcare providers who don't always have compassion or think the problem is all in your head.

  • You're tired of shouldering the emotional burdens that go with chronic illness, including not knowing what's wrong with you, feeling powerless, feeling like a burden to others, feeling like you are crazy, worrying that there's a cure out there but you haven't found it yet, worrying that their is more that you could be doing to get well or worrying about how your quality of life will deteriorate if you don't find someone who can help you soon.

  • You're anxious because you have been diagnosed with an illness that will become progressively worse and you want to avoid bad experiences you've seen happen to others with the same condition.

  • You're tired of watching a loved one struggle with an illness and the experience of not finding relief and want to help him or her find a lasting solution.

  • You're ready to take an active role in your well being, ready to share the responsibility for getting better with a trusted medical advisor.

  • You're open to making changes in your lifestyle and following the instructions laid out for you in a holistic treatment plan.

If you are ready, The Center for Restorative Medicine can help relieve the burdens of chronic illness, restore your body's ability to heal, and put you on the path to real wellness.

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