What to Expect

A Patient-Centered Practice Designed To Put You at Ease

Before You Arrive.

If you're like many people, your journey up to now has been difficult. As you make your appointment with us, you may be anxious, because conventional medicine has offered little or no hope. You may be curious about our approach and how it might be different. You may be afraid that this doctor will be like all the other ones who promised to help but didn't deliver. You may be holding out hope that alternative approaches might work but frustrated because the ones you've tried so far aren't getting the results you expected. You may be excited because you've heard or read about others who have had positive results from the treatments we offer. Emotions run high and that's why we take extra care to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We give you what you need before you arrive, like paperwork, driving directions to the office, pre-appointment instructions, information about our insurance policies and more.

When You Enter Our Office.

The first thing you'll notice is the welcoming reception area that looks more like a comfortable living room than a medical waiting room.. Every detail of our practice is designed to calm anxiety and restore hope.

When You See Dr. Bernui.

The time you spend with Dr. Bernui may not be like your typical experience with conventional medical doctors. During the medical history and examination, Dr. Bernui works hard to make you feel comfortable and listens intently to what you have to say. He gives you ample time to share your concerns, talk about your symptoms, and relay your hopes and fears. When your time together is complete, you will have a treatment plan that is specifically for you.

After the Visit.

When you leave, we want you to feel better than you did when you arrived. We want you to feel certain that you've made the right choice by coming. Above all, we want you to leave with hope that your health and your life can be better.