Our Approach

Four Principles of Care

At The Center for Restorative Medicine, we believe that most chronic or difficult to treat diseases are caused by the influence of environmental toxins on an individual's unique biochemistry. We design treatment plans that help your body eliminate toxins while restoring nutrients that optimize your biochemistry and allow your body to heal. Our Holistic, supportive, patient-centered approach to healthcare benefits people of all ages and conditions and can be summarized in four principles:

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1. We treat you, not your disease.

Every person is unique in his or her genetics and biochemistry. Therefore, to understand the source of your symptoms, we must thoroughly understand who you are. We gain understanding by taking the time to listen to your story and ask detailed questions about your story and ask detailed questions about your health history. We then perform a thorough physical examination and use appropriate testing to complete our evaluation and formulate a treatment plan.

2. We search for the root cause.
We consider a wide variety of possible causes for your condition, including those that conventional medicine may overlook. Toxic metals, chemicals and infectious agents such as hidden viruses and bacteria are just a few of the unseen toxins that you are exposed to every day. Understanding how they may affect your health is critical, especially if you are battling with, or wish to prevent, a disease that is difficult to treat or of unknown cause.

3. We maximize your body's natural ability to heal.

We emphasize a holistic approach to healing, one that recognizes the interdependence of the body's various organ systems and the body's need for balance. Detoxification, a key component in this process, involves ridding the body of substances that may be impairing normal physiologic function and restoring nutrients specific to your biochemical needs. The result is a body that is optimized and ready to heal.

4. We offer multiple treatment options.
We offer alternative and conventional therapies that can play a significant role in healing but are hard to find in conventional medical practices. Nutritional supplements, detoxification therapies, bio-identical hormone therapy, dietary counseling, herbal remedies, musculoskeletal treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, colon hydrotherapy and reflexology are among the alternative capabilities we offer, all administered in a facility that is under the supervision of a board-certified family physician.